The best of Scotland and Japan

At Oshibori we source the best of Scotland and Japan from our finest and award winning suppliers. Our fish supplier is George Campbell & Sons, the finest fish supplier of Scotland since 1872. Daily catches and the premium quality fish products are supplied to Oshibori on daily basis, handled carefully and prepared by our highly skilled sushi chefs to ensure that our customers consume the top quality cuts.

The seafood is carefully prepared according to the Food Standard Agency rules and EU regulations to ensure it’s parasites free. All our fish and shellfish are sustainably sourced.

Our Kobe and Wagyu beef cattle is carefully treated and raised in the UK farms by top British producers Highland Wagyu. Our meat supplier is Scott Brothers for the top-notch cuts. We use the finest organic range of vegetables in Scotland. Mark Murphy supply premium range of fruit and vegetable products, which are used extensively throughout our menu. Our dry ingredients are of best quality, imported directly from Japan on regular basis. Nori, sushi rice and other sushi ingredients are Grade A (gold standard), from Japan.

All prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax

New arrivals!

T O K Y O   P L A T T E R | £26.99

4 Salmon Maki, 4 Tuna Maki, Octopus Nigiri, Squid Nigiri, Ikura Nigiri, Prawn Nigiri, Tuna and Salmon Temaki, Tuna Sashimi served with a miso soup

K O B E  D R A G O N | £43.99

Large dragon rolled with crispy king prawn tempura, topped with Kobe Beef,  served with goma wakame and a miso soup

G A R I  C H I C K E N | £26.50

Tender juicy and spicy straganoff teppanyaki chicken breast cooked with riped tomatoes, ginger, served with sushi rice and a miso soup


To start with…


Chicken Gyoza 

(3pcs ) ravioli – bok choy (japanese cabbage), minced chicken breast.

California Roll  

(pick two fillings) (4pcs) salmon, avocado, cucumber, crabstick, homemade spicy tuna carefully handrolled and sliced

Miso Soup

soy bean, tofu with green herbs

Followed by…


Tempura Bento

prawns and vegetable tempura, edamame, rice, gyoza, maki, green herbs salad

Shomi Sushi Bento

california salmon/avocado (8pcs), 2 sashimi salmon, 1 nigiri salmon, 1 nigiri tuna , 1 nigiri prawn, edamame

Teriyaki Katsu Bento

crispy chicken with teriyaki sauce, edamame, rice, gyoza, maki, green herbs salad Chilli Chicken Bento chicken with chilli sauce ,edamame, rice, gyoza, maki, green herbs salad

Agedashi Bento (v)

deep fried tofu with dashi sauce/chilli sauce, edamame, rice, gyoza, inari, green herbs salad

Finish with…


Cheese Cake

homemade mascarpone cheesecake with a meringue on side

Matcha Ice Cream

japanese green tea ice cream served with sesame and a meringue on side

2 Courses £12.95

3 Courses £14.95

Dinner – to start with

In Japanese food culture there are multiple food items which are normally sides but can be consumed as starters.


Gyozas are little parcels (dumplings) filled with either chicken or just vegetables, carefully handmade, steamed and fried.

Yakitori are skewered meat or prawns grilled and glazed with traditional sweet and salty yakitori sauce.

Tempura is a deep fried version of large prawns, crab or vegetables coated with crispy tempura batter.

Takoyaki are a ball shaped Japanese snack with wheat flour based batter filled with diced octopus and green onions.

Miso is a traditional little jar of soup – soy bean based, topped with spring onions, seaweed and tofu.

Edameme are steamed soy beans slightly salted. Goma wakame is a seaweed salad seasoned with sesame, absolutely refreshing!

G Y O Z A (5pcs)
CHICKEN   |  £6.95
VEGETABLE (v)   |  £5.95

Y A K I T O R I (3pcs)
CHICKEN   |  £6.75
KING PRAWN   |  £8.75
BEEF   |  £8.50

PRAWN TEMPURA (7pcs)   |  £13.95
PRAWN WASABI (7pcs)  |   £14.50
VEGETABLE (6pcs) (shitake, aubergine, broccoli)  |   £9.50
SOFT SHELL CRAB TEMPURA (2pcs)  |   £13.95

T A K O Y A K I (5pcs)  |   £8.95

M I S O (v)   |  £3.85

E D A M A M E (v)   |  £3.95

G O M A W A K A M E (v)   |  £4.95

C A L I F O R N I A R O L L (8pcs)   |  £8.95
Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Crab, Spicy Tuna, Prawn, Mayo (pick two)

M A K I (8pcs)   |  £7.95
Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Crab, Spicy Tuna, Prawn, Tamago (pick one)

Main Courses

Ramen, Udon, Nudoru and Bento can be enjoyed as a main course and serves one person.


A traditional large bowl of broth (soup) full of flavours, simmered for hours, topped with homemade ramen noodles, sliced meat and vegetables such as shitake mushrooms, bok choy (japanese cabbage) menma (soft bamboo shoots) Nitamago (boiled and flavoured egg). Ramen can be enjoyed as a main course and serves one person.


T O N K O T S U  |  £13.95

silky ramen topped with grilled pork, shitake mushrooms, bokchoy, menma, nitamago, roasted sesame, sprouts, and spring onions

T A N T A N  |  £13.75

Spicy chicken soup, spicy ground chicken, ginger, roasted sesame, nori (toasted seaweed), spring onions, shichimi

M U S H R O O M  |  £12.95

Shiitake soup, bok choy, enoki, shiitake, oyster mushroom, sprouts, shichimi (v)

S O Y  C H I C K E N  G Y O Z A  |  £14.95

Soy ramen topped with prawns and chicken gyoza (dumplings), shiitake mushroom, roasted chicken and crispy shallots

C H I C K E N  K A T S U  R A M E N  |  £14.75

Silky ramen soup, bok choy, shitake, sprouts, crispy chicken katsu breast


Udon are thick noodles of Japanese cuisine, traditionally served in a soup, with a choice of chicken, beef or fish. Topped with grilled meat, steamed meat or tempura (deep fried with crispy tempura batter). Dashi (fish stock), seaweed leaves stock, miso (soy bean based soup) is also added for extra flavour. Narutomaki (cured fish cake) is also added as a tradition, each slice of naruto has a pink spiral pattern which resembles the Naruto whirlpools in Japan. Udon can be consumed as a maincourse and serves one person.



C H I C K E N U D O N  |  £13.50

Silky soup, udon noodles grilled chicken, sprouts, and spring onions

B E E F U D O N  |  £13.95

Silky spicy soup, udon noodles, beef, chilli soy, chilli pepper, coriander and spring onions

T E M P U R A U D O N  |  £13.95

Dashi soup and miso, udon noodles, prawn tempura, sesame,
scallions and sprouts (v)


Silky chicken curry soup, udon noodles, crispy chicken, bok choy and spring onions


Homemade noodles stir-fried with a choice of beef, prawns or chicken. If would like a vegetarian dish, we can skip the meat and add Japanese fried tofu as well as extra vegetables. Each choice can be consumed as a main course and serves one person.



S P I C Y G A R L I C S H R I M P  |  £14.95

Stir fried ramen noodles, coriander, peppers, shallots, prawns with chiili oil, sprouts, spring onions and sesame

G Y U N I K U A G E I T A M E  |  £14.95

Stir fried ramen, beef, shallots, pepper, pickled ginger, sprouts, spring onions

Y A K I S O B A  |  £13.95

Stir fried soba, stroganoff chicken breast, shallots, peppers, broccoli, cabbage
oyster mushroom and spring onions.

T E M P U R A S O B A  |  £15.95

Stir fried soba, crispy prawn tempura, shallots, pepper, cabbage
oyster mushroom and spring onions.


Bento Boxes are large boxes with multiple compartments filled with rice, green salad drizzled with japanese mayonnaise dressing , 2 pieces of gyoza (dumplings), 2 pieces california roll (please ask for vegetarian option), a slice of fresh orange, a portion of edamame (soy beans) and wakame salad (seaweed salad). Tempura bento can be served as vegetarian box, please ask the server.
Sushi bento – Nigiri (rice ball sushi with a topping), amaebi (sweet shrimp) sashimi (fresh cuts of raw fish), hottochikin roll (panko coated fried chicken and avocado filling enrolled in chives)
All Bento Boxes are served with a miso soup.


C H I C K E N K A T S U B E N T O  |  £16.95

Panko breaded chicken breast in a bento box

T E M P U R A B E N T O  |  £17.95

Prawn and vegetable tempura in a bento box.

S A K E S H I O B E N T O  |  £17.95

Grilled salted salmon in a bento box.

S U S H I B E N T O  |  £26.95

2 tamago nigiri, 1 chef surprise, 1 hottochikin roll, 1 tuna sashimi,
1 salmon sashimi, 1 amaebi sashimi, 1 seabass sashimi, portion of edamame



C H I C K E N T E R I – Y A K I  |  £24.50

Juicy and tender grilled chicken with peppers, onions, shiitake and oyster mushrooms,
sprinkled with roasted sesame, and glazed with herb infused honey, served with sushi rice.

G U R U D E N G Y U N I K U (golden beef)  |  £27.95

Thinly sliced tender beef simply melts in your mouth cooked in our signature onion based sauce,
with cruncy crispy shallots, oyster mushroom and ginger, served with sushi rice.

G U R I N C H I K I N (green chicken)  |  £24.50

Delicious herbal chicken cooked with spring onions, lemongrass, spinach, basil, bokchoy
and coriander sauce, served with sushi rice.

K A N M I S A N M I C H I K I N (sweet&tangy chicken)  |  £24.95

Sweet and tangy tomato based sauce, crispy chicken, shallots, peppers, chiili oil and spring onions, served with sushi rice

H O T T O E B I (hot and sour prawns) |  £30.95

Crispy king prawns, tamato based hot and sour sauce, peppers, shallots, coriander,
chilli oil served with garlic rice



C R A B D O N  |  £23.99

Crispy soft shell crab, rice, sprouts, bokchoy, mirin, sake,
peppers, shallots, ginger, spring onions, miso

Y A K I N I K U D O N  |  £22.99

Grilled stragonoff beef, onion, shitake, ginger, bokchoy, spring onions, sake, mirin, rice, miso

EELDON  |  £24.99

Grilled eel, sushi rice, sesame, leek, ginger, eel sauce, miso

Full Blood Wagyu and Kobe Beef

The most exclusive beef in the world – we only source the original Japanese breed (No cross) Our wagyu is raised in Scottish Highland by Britains top producers Highland Wagyu.



W A G Y U D R A G O N  |  £65.99

Large roll filled with king prawns, lightly spiced mango chutney topped with pure marbled wagyu beef, served with nitamago, gomawakame, ikura nigiri and miso soup, fit for a king!

K O B E Y A K I N I K U D O N  |  £57.99

Thinly sliced pure Kobe beef grilled to perfection, served with stired fried vegetables on hot sushi rice, eel sauce and ginger

W A G Y U N E G I M A  |  £55.99

Skewered and grilled wagyu beef served with stired fried vegetables in yakitori sauce along with hot sushi rice, simply Japanese heaven!


Sushi is Japanese food consisting of vinegered rice combined with seafood or vegetables and tropical fruits. There is various kinds of sushi, and to make sushi it takes a great skill and effort to assemble it altogether, at this section you may order sushi as a starter or sides or main course by combining different types of sushi.

Nigiri – a rice ball topped with fresh fish, tobico (caviar), inari (sweet tofu jacket) or tamago (Japanese style omelette)

Temaki – a type of sushi roll very carefully hand rolled into a shape of a cone filled with sushi rice and a choice of fillings below

Sashimi – a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw fish beautifully sliced into thin pieces, with a choice of fish below. Chirashi – a large sushi rice bowl topped with a choice of sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish)

Zushi has a selction of tuna, seabass, salmon, prawns, sweet prawns and tropical salad and other exotic fish

Chirashi is served with a bowl of Miso soup on side and can be consumed as a main course, it serves one person.

Served by a pair

SALMON  |  £5.10

TUNA  |  £5.80

SEABASS  |  £4.90

TOBICO  |  £5.10

INARI (v)  |  £4.80

TAMAGO  |  £4.80

PRAWN  |  £5.90

served by a pair


TUNA AVOCADO  |  £8.20


TOBICO  |  £8.10

Served 4 pieces

SALMON  |  £6.95

TUNA  |  £7.40

SEABASS  |  £6.30

AMAEBI sweet shrimp  |  £7.50

served with miso soup Served in a bowl of sushi rice topped with 14 pieces of sashimi and fresh salad

SALMON  |  £24.95

TUNA  |  £26.95

SALMON/TUNA  |  £27.30

ZUSHI  |  £25.95
chef’s selection

OZARA | Sushi Platters

Here you have a choice of five different sushi platters which can be consumed as a main course, served with miso soup bowl. A platter serves one person.

Maki – sushi roll with nori outside

Califorinia – sushi roll with rice outside

Nigiri– rice ball topped with fish or tamago (egg)

Inari – sweet tofu jacket Goma wakame – seaweed salad

All platters are served with miso soup


1 maki salmon (8pcs)  |  1 maki tuna (8pcs)  |  1 maki avocado (8pcs)

1 california salmon/avocado (8pcs)  |  3 sashimi salmon  |  2 nigiri salmon  |  2 nigiri tuna

B E J I T A R I A N (v)
1 maki cucumber (8pcs)  |  1 maki avocado (8pcs)  |   1 california avocado/cucumber/mayo (8pcs)  |  2 inari nigiri

2 nigiri salmon  |  2 nigiri tuna  |  2 nigiri seabass  |  2 nigiri squid  |  2 nigiri prawn  |  2 nigiri tamago

S A S H I M I  B O A T  |  £29.99
24 pieces of fresh cuts of fish including chef’s selection on a beautiful wooden boat served with goma wakame salad and miso soup

Sushi Chief’s Selection

A unique selection of sushi rolls including hot sushi, all rolls are served between 8 to 12 pieces and can be consumed as a main course, serves one person. Tobico (caviar), Chicken katsu (panko coated fried chicken), goma wakame (seaweed salad) unagi sauce (eel sauce).

C I T R I N E  R O L L  |  £18.95

tobico, prawn tempura, avocado, sweet chilli mayo

P H O E N I X  R O L L  |  £17.95

salmon, tuna, seabass, tobico, tempura deep fried

H O T T O C H I K I N  |  £16.95

chicken katsu, avocado, chives, sweet chilli mayo

C H I K I N  T E R I Y A K I  R O L L  |  £16.95

chicken breast, goma wakame, teri-yaki sauce

D R A G O N  R O L L  |  £18.95

prawn tempura, avocado, tobico, mayo, goma wakame

A M M O L I T E  R O L L |  £19.50

topped with salmon, tuna, seabass, tobico, prawn, avocado, unagi sauce, mayo

V E G E T A R I A N  D E L I G H T  |   £16.95

crispy vegetable tempura, avocado, rolled in a soy sheet, goma wakame

E E L (Unagi) D R A G O N R O L L  |  £28.95

Grilled eel, prawn tempura, avocado, mayo, goma wakame, eel sauce

R U B Y R O L L  |  £22.95

King prawn tempura, red caviar, cranberry sushi rice, chilli mayo, avocado goma wakame

Take a look at our take away menu!


KUKUTERU | Cocktails


Sake Mohito  |  £7.95

sake, bacardi rum, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, topped with club soda

The Japanese Slipper  |  £8.50

midori, cointreau, fresh lemon juice

Shochu Cosmo  |  £8.50

mugichi shochu, cointreau, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice

Midori Koko  | £8.50

kin shiro shochu, midori, malibu, pineapple juice

Umeshu Spiritzer  |  £8.95

umeshu (Japanese plum wine), fresh lime juice, club soda

Take a look at our wine list!
DEZATO | Desserts


New York Chizukeki | £6.30

creamy cheese-cake so smooth and so satisfying, it makes statue of liberty smile!

Kure Brulee  |  £6.40

made with very best ingredients – egg yolk, vanilla seeds, fresh double cream and sesame.

Mochi Chokoreto |  £6.30

Dark chocolate japanese cakes served with icecream.

Death by Chocolate | £6.95

Layers of hot dark chocolate cake, chocolate brownie, crunch, chocolate mousse, simply delicious!

Nuttella Maki |  £6.95

Nutella chocolate and fruits wrapped beautifully in sweet soy sheet

Allergy advice

We take the utmost care to ensure that all reasonable dietary requests are accommodated when visiting at Oshibori; however, due to the nature of our offering we are unable to guarantee that any item will be 100% allergen free. Please advise us in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.